“Hands on” Administration:

“A known service, but in our own way.”

“Hands on” Administration is a well known service, but we do it in our own way. Our versatile administrators are good at cleaning up an overdue administration, digitalising your current financial administration, consulting on internal processing and last but not least just the regular temporary or periodic administrative support!

There isn’t a job that scares us and we dare to say that by now, we have pretty much seen it all. “Hands on” Administration is able to act fast and make sure that there will be someone working at your office (or ours) within no time!

Overdue administration

We have allot of experience when it comes to overdue administrations. We are there to help you get rid of the backlog, and optimise the process so that it won’t happen again.

On location

We work on location, if needed with our own laptop. We are widely applicable wether it’s entering invoices, archiving the administration or making sure the backlog on debtors will be cleaned up.


Don’t have any room at the office or do you prefer the work is done out of sight? No problem, we provide the same services when we are working remotely from our own office.

We are a modern and refreshing company who like to do things their own way. We are specialised in helping companies and organisations with their (financial) administration and everything around it.

Our administrators are one by one happy, pro-active hard workers who get to work with a smile on their face every day, which we try to stimulate as much as we can. We have a very casual atmosphere and between all the hard work there is always time for a laugh, a serious talk or a game of table tennis.

Are you coping with an overdue administration? Our administrators get excited about bulging mailboxes or endless stacks or paper that they can process. They don’t get surprised easily and we can say with confidence that they are employable literally everywhere. They are stars in working on their own and focusing on getting the job at hand done, but if needed they can fit in everywhere and be true team players.

Don’t need us anymore? No problem. We don’t work with contracts that have a minimum working time or annoying notice periods. We rather sit down with our clients and draw up a plan that works best for both sides. Drawing up a schedule makes us happy, and subsequently we only invoice the hours we actually worked.

“We like to get our hands dirty when it comes to administration”

On location for temporary or periodic administrative support

Our administrators like it when they have a job on location. Often the information needed is easily accessible and questions are asked and answered fast. Besides that, we find it important to get a good image of the current situation and workflows inside the company we get to work with. This way we can adjust our own workflow and way of doing things to a manner where it’s best suited for each client.  

Outsourcing your administration

For a wide variety of clients we process the whole administration, either at our own office working through the files stored in the cloud or on location. Depending on the size of your organisation this can be done weekly, monthly or quarterly. Whatever you need, we provide. As said, we love to work in the cloud, but if your organisation works with a paper administration, we won’t get mad. We always sit down with our clients to determine the best approach, together we try to achieve the optimal workflow which works best for you as a client and for us as the helping hand. 

These are our “Hand on” selling points:

  • Our young, fresh, digital and sometimes self-willed look on financial administrations
  • We don’t see problems, we see challenges to solve
  • We love coming to your office, but like our own office to work in just as much
  • Bulging mailboxes or endless stacks of paper invoices make us smile
  • We unburden you from your financial administration

Could you use some extra hands?